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With touchscreen technology stepping into our houses, is their still a place for the computer mouse

In the era of touch-screens, styluses and those weird little Nokia plectrum dealies (what is up with those exactly?) we have to ask questions about the future of the humble mouse. Is he now considered vermin? Do we cast him aside, banishing him to the world of grammar phones, 8-track tapes and pet rocks?


The other night, I watched Star Trek IV (yeah, the one with the whales) and apart from the fact that it had aged considerably better than the vast majority of mid 80’s movies, I noticed one thing in particular. Mr. Scott, when faced with a 20th Century computer, had no idea what a mouse was. At first, he considers it to be some sort of audio device and talks into it.  Have we always considered the mouse a means to an end? A necessary device that will be outmoded by progress? Considering this, I thought about more science fiction (increasingly where we draw our designs for contemporary technology from) and realized that appearances by any sort of hand-held computer interfaces were limited almost exclusively to communications devices and those wrist-things (even then they talked into them more than they pushed buttons) So, are the little mouse’s days numbered? Continue reading

Is The Computer Mouse Finished

Pcs have revolutionized the way people do business and conduct their existence. They widely-used for shopping online and they’re used for leisure. They used to have very humble beginnings, however. They did not come with a mouse. And, now, the issue is, is the computer mouse finished?

The pc started off as a very large machine that wanted to take up a large room. They quickly became much smaller and could execute very limited tasks. They only came with a slot in them to ensure that you would insert a floppy disk and had a keyboard very similar to the types of nowadays, but today’s keyboards are much more complicated. Continue reading

A Mouse’s Tale- What Wireless is Best?

Lets face it; nobody really likes a mouse for the wires, do they? If they did, the best wireless mouse would surely be lauded as the best…y’know, mouse.


If you’re using a desktop PC to read this, then the chances are that the mouse is attached, via a long tangle of grey cable, into the PC itself that is somewhere under your desk. How you cringe when something falls down there or you need to gain access to that speaker wire that just keeps coming loose. Continue reading