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2-way Radio Earpieces: what you probably didn’t know!

A two way radio Earpiece provides more secret and sheltered communications for the radio, but you might be confused with the word earpiece. It really is used in a variety of guises, the most well-liked may be the mobile phone earpiece, use for many of the major manufacturers and may have some Bluetooth connectivity.


The Radio earpiece is primarily used by people that work with walkie talkies, the secure and covert comms that are demanded by bouncer, event worker and security persons to do their job adequately. Continue reading

Motorola Earpieces for 2 way Radios

It would be safe to say that Motorola have the market share when it comes down to 2-way radios, but choosing the right connector can be difficult, because Motorola have 5 different types the GP series, the DP series, the MTP and MTH series and the 2-pin connector. We have the information and future releases of all the Motorola connectors that you need before you purchase an earpiece. Continue reading