Kickstarter project hopes to launch officially licensed iPhone 5 dock

Editors Note – the first wave of ipone 5 docks were always going to be interesting, but i thought that one of the big brands would be first to market, but it is a start-up company coming up with the goods.


Apple’s introduction of its proprietary Lightning port, which debuted in the iPhone 5 last month, prompted some of the company’s customers to grumble, especially following news that it would build its own Lightning-compatible dock.


But a Kickstarter project launched last month hopes to remedy that. The Dock+, created by David Wurtz of Boulder, Colorado, hopes to be among the first officially licensed docks for the iPhone 5. The accessory was designed to meet Apple’s stringent requirements for its official hardware partners, and an application has been submitted to its Made For iPhone/iPad/iPod (MFi) program.



The Dock+, whose design boasts a simple, Apple-like aesthetic, lacks additional ports or extra features. But that’s more of an advantage than a drawback, according to Wurtz.


“Don’t let the simplicity of the Dock+ fool you. A lot of thought went into every aspect of the design, and it includes numerous patent pending technologies,” he says.


The Dock+ is set for a March 2013 release date if it meets its the Kickstart target, and will be available in three colours – black, white or ‘Kickstarter Edition’ raw steel. At printing time, Wurtz had managed to secure some 800 backers and more than 80 per cent of the $75,000 (£47,000) goal, with a month to go.

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